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Honda Brio

Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive

Honda Brio may already be familiar to your ears. so no wonder, this Honda car is the most sought after now. This car not only provides comfort, but is very affordable compared to other Honda Car series.

Brio itself is on the Indonesian market in several types. This difference, you can see from the price offered, which ranges from 100 million rupiah to 150 million more. However, the Honda Brio itself has a fairly cheap type, namely the Honda Brio Satya.

This series is an LCGC car series with affordable prices in its class and can be said to be the best-selling. Possible form, coupled with the elegant design that is in the interior and exterior. making Honda Brio very popular in the Indonesian market.

Unlike the Honda Jazz which is complete with advanced features. where the Honda Brio does not have such perfection. so the price of the Honda Brio is much cheaper. when you want to try it, you can use the Honda Brio Medan car rental.

You can feel the impression of comfort and safety. because the existing Honda Brio is the newest release. so you can enjoy traveling comfortably when using the Honda Brio Medan car rental service.

Honda Brio specifications

All Honda Brio models are now equipped with an injection combustion system with PGM-FI technology. so this car can be the most environmentally friendly vehicle and not wasteful of fuel. You also don't need to spend a lot of money to get this car.

However, the price of the Honda Brio RS will be much more expensive than the Brio Satya. so not all are classified as LCGC cars. because the features of the Honda Brio RS are definitely more complete and sporty than the Satya type. Although they are priced differently. but functional of all types of the same engine that carries the 1.2 liter i-VTEC. To check the performance and complete specifications of the Honda Brio you can see below.

Interior & Exterior

Honda Brio comes with a stylish design on the new bumper and grills. this can be seen in the integration of the headlights. This car has used green tinted glass and heat dissipation technology that allows the windshield to reduce the sun's UV rays.

The rear has a modern rear combination lamp design. however, the Brio Satya lamps do not use LED technology. Therefore, if you want brighter night lights, you need to buy the Honda Brio RS.

Brio RS and Brio Satya wheel sizes are different. If the Honda Brio RS uses 15-inch alloy wheels, the Honda Brio Satya uses 14-inch alloy wheels. but both types are still equipped with a tailgate spoiler that gives a sporty look.

Honda also continues to equip this car with a fog lamp or fog lamp. but this feature doesn't actually belong to the Brio Satya type. in the rearview mirror of the Honda Brio RS, it can be folded automatically and is equipped with an LED turn signal.

Another advantage of the Brio RS is that it is equipped with a modern audio and video system that uses a 6.2-inch touch screen. coupled with a speaker tweeter and audio steering switch and has good sound quality.

In addition, you can easily play audio without taking your hands off the steering wheel. for the Honda Brio RS is now equipped with modern dashboard features and has a cool seat design. So you will be very comfortable traveling, whether near or far.

Machine Specifications

Although the Honda Brio looks small from the outside, the cabin space that is owned is very spacious. This is also supported by digital AC. so you can relax for a long time in the car. The Honda Brio is also equipped with a 1.2 liter i-VTEC engine with a maximum output of 90PS at 6,000 rpm.

The resulting torque can reach 110 Nm at 4,800 rpm. The engine of the Honda Brio is also very fuel efficient. so you don't need to be afraid of wasting gasoline. In order to optimize engine performance, the Honda Brio is equipped with a Drive By Wire electronic system.

This can help control the throttle valve cap, so it can optimize when acceleration occurs and will save fuel. The engine that is owned has also been optimized by the PGM-FI combustion system so that it is more fuel efficient.

Honda is now offering a 35 liter tank capacity for the Honda Brio. This is the first LCGC car in Indonesia equipped with the best CVT transmission system in its class. luckily this is not a standard CVT transmission, as it is equipped with Earth Dream Technology.

Obviously this can smooth the transmission shift and maximize engine performance. This technology succeeded in making the Honda Brio even more economical. Don't forget to place the ECO indicator on the meter panel for real-time and economical operation.

Honda Brio has passed the Euro 2 standard test by the Indonesian government and meets the requirements to pass the Euro 4 emission test to ensure that the vehicle is environmentally friendly enough and worthy of being the best city car.

Braking and Feet

On the legs, this car has used MacPherson Strut front suspension and rear suspension with H-Shape Torsion Beam. This sophisticated system will add comfort and stability when driving.

Furthermore, in the implanted brake, the Honda Brio carries a rear drum brake type and disc brake at the front. ABS (Anti-Lock Breaking System) technology is also available to prevent wheel locking during sudden braking.

The EBD (Electronic Braking Force Distribution) technology is applied to help distribute the braking force according to the weight of the vehicle. ABS and EBD braking systems are available on the Honda Brio Satya CVT and Brio RS types.

However, the E type does not yet have a sophisticated braking system. so it makes the price of this car even more affordable. The Honda Brio is now equipped with a dual front SRS airbag system that can protect the driver during an accident.

Furthermore, the car is now equipped with pretensioner seat belts and load limiting seat belts. while for the security system, Honda Brio implements an alarm system and immobilizer.

Honda Brio excellence

  • The price of the Honda Brio Satya is quite affordable and the most expensive only for the Brio RS type. because it has more complete functionality.
  • Equipped with immobilizer and alarm security system.
  • There is a new fashion lock system which makes you feel more modern.
  • Equipped with dual SRS airbags which serve to protect the driver and passenger seats from fatal accidents.
  • Modern design, sporty, and very elegant in its class.
  • The shape is more compact and suitable for use as a city car.
  • Equipped with a spacious cabin and wide luggage space.
  • Has applied a touch screen audio and video system (for the Brio RS type).
  • Honda Brio RS has been equipped with an LED headlight + fog lamp.
  • Comes with a 1.2 liter i-VTEC engine so it is more powerful and fuel efficient.
  • There is a CVT transmission system with Earth Dreams technology. this is said to be superior to the previous automatic transmission.

Seeing the specifications we inform here, maybe you have the desire to try it. You can use medan rent car services. you can rent this car at the best price and you can try it directly with your beloved family.


Harga Honda Brio

1 type available
sewa / rent Honda Brio -
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City CarRp 350.000
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Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
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