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Isuzu Elf

Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive

Isuzu is the world's leading car manufacturer that has produced various types of cars with a variety of attractive looks and designs. From private cars to commercial vehicles. Among them are trucks and pickups. Isuzu also produces a number of high-performance luxury cars.

Isuzu Panther and Isuzu MU-X examples. in terms of elegant and sporty car design. but the price is very expensive. This time we will discuss Isuzu ELF, a product from Isuzu. With the concept of a minibus, this car has powerful and reliable performance in all conditions.

No wonder then medan rent car services presents it for you. Equipped with a 4JB1-TC engine with a capacity of 2,771cc, the Isuzu ELF is capable of producing 100PS of power. With that much power, this Isuzu Elf car can accelerate faster and lighter. even capable of producing much greater torque.

With a large cabin size and wide space, Isuzu ELF is very capable of accommodating 16 passengers. Isuzu ELF is also equipped with a large enough trunk space to make it easier for you to store.

With a large design and can accommodate 16 people. Isuzu ELF is perfect for business purposes. Among them are travel vehicles, tours, to pick up school children. In Indonesia, the Isuzu ELF MicroBus is priced at around Rp. 270 million.

However these prices are on the way for the Jakarta area. so there may be a slight difference in each region. You are looking for this car or want to know in advance through a car rental service.

The main thing you should know first is about the Isuzu ELF specifications. below we will share with you in full for the information.

Isuzu ELF MicroBus specifications Machine

  • Type: 4JB1-TC
  • Fill Cylinder: 2.771cc
  • Bore X Stroke: 93 x 102 mm
  • Maximum power: 100 PS / 3,400 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 22.5 kgm / 2,000-3,200 rpm
  • Fuel Tank: 75 Liter

Wheels and tires

  • Front tire: 225/75 / R16
  • Rear tire: 235/75 / R16


  • Overall Length: 4,590 mm
  • Overall Width: 1,695 mm
  • Overall Height: 2,127 mm
  • Axis Wheels distance: 2,490 mm
  • Front Distance: 1,425 mm
  • Rear foothold: 1,405 mm
  • Lowest distance: 190 mm
  • Front Axle Capacity: 1,015 Kg
  • Rear Axle Capacity: 1,085 Kg


  • Model: MSB5S
  • C: -
  • gear 1: 5.016
  • gear 2: 2,672
  • gear 3: 1.585
  • gear 4: 1,000
  • gear 5: 0.770
  • gear 6: -
  • gear 7: -
  • gear 8: -
  • Rev: 4,783
  • Final Gear Ratio: 4,875


  • Air Conditioning: NO
  • DVD, MP3, CD, Aux in, USB, Radio
  • Power Steering: YES
  • Tilt & Telescopic Steering: NO
  • Reverse Parking Camera: NO
  • Retractable Seat Belt: NO
  • Tilt Cabin: NO


  • Seat belt: YES
  • Accu: 12V-75 ah
  • Alternator: 12 V-60 A
  • Tank Capacity: 75 L
  • Max. Gradeability: 25%
  • Max. Speed 106 Km / h

Powerful engine performance

The Isuzu ELF MicroBus costs IDR 270 million in Indonesia. This price is quite comparable to the resulting engine performance. The Isuzu ELF has a 2,771cc 4JB1-TC diesel engine with a maximum output of 100PS and is capable of producing an engine speed of 3,400rpm.

With this much power, making the Isuzu ELF able to reach a power of 22.5 Nm in an engine speed of 2,000 to 3,200 rpm. Isuzu is known as the king of diesel engines. because the engine used is still on diesel fuel and it is very powerful.

Diesel engines can also be said to be very fuel efficient. so it's more ideal for anyone who has a transportation business. good travel, tours, to pick up school children. Isuzu ELF is equipped with a copper material which functions to connect the engine to the rear axle.

So the rear wheels will be able to draw a much greater engine output and this allows for a high speed acceleration while driving.

Isuzu ELF design and dimensions

This time Isuzu adopts a microbus body design with a large cabin size and ample space in the cabin. With a car length of 4,590 mm, a car width of up to 1,695 mm and a car height of 2,127 mm, it is spacious and ready to accommodate 16 people. Isuzu ELF is also equipped with four entrances for easy access to this car.

The car's design looks elegant, plus modern exterior lines and has futuristic headlights. where has combined an elegant turn signal design that has a dynamic font grille. this succeeded in making the front appearance of the Isuzu ELF more classy.

As for the rear Isuzu ELF. now embedded in a more sporty stop lamp design. as for the trunk door on the back which appears aerodynamically. this will clearly make it easier for you to put your luggage into it.

Features appear more modern

Become a vehicle used for public transportation. Isuzu ELF is perfect for meeting your needs who want to travel. Isuzu ELF has embedded several modern features that make passengers not get bored while driving.

For the comfort of the driver while driving an Isuzu ELF car, this vehicle uses a power steering system. This feature will clearly provide driving comfort for the driver. especially when parking. where the steering wheel that will run lighter.

In addition, the Isuzu ELF also includes entertainment features. including CD, DVD, USB, MP3, Radio, and Aux in. so you can play some of your favorite music. this clearly can make you will not be bored while driving.

In addition, the air conditioner is ready to provide a cool and comfortable feeling during the trip. As for the very comfortable seats, it aims to make passengers more comfortable driving. quite reasonable, if this latest feature manages to make the price of the Isuzu ELF MicroBus in Indonesia to be more expensive.

Stable and comfortable suspension

Isuzu ELF is now known as a car that is ready to accommodate more passenger capacity. by presenting an additional comfort system in it. this aims to make all passengers feel extra comfort.

Obviously such comfort is needed, especially for long trips. This has succeeded in encouraging Isuzu ELF to use a suspension type that provides a comfortable feeling when driving. no wonder the Isuzu ELF is known to be very tough and luxurious.

But in the Cassis section, the Isuzu ELF is made separately from the body. so when you want to replace the body with a fresher design. here you must be able to separate the cassis with the body first. not only that, the Isuzu ELF is now equipped with several of the latest features.

Where have used some better quality comfort systems. no wonder the price of Isuzu ELF MicroBus in Indonesia is very high. if you want to feel the comfort of driving with Isuzu ELF. You can try it first with a Medan 88 Rent Car.


Harga Isuzu Elf

1 type available
sewa / rent isuzu elf -
Type Harga
MinibusRp 900.000
*harga dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu
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Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
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