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Toyota Agya

Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive

Toyota is a well-known car vendor in Indonesia that is highly sought after. many people who prefer Toyota as a private car, including the Toyota Agya Medan car rental also use it. has smooth performance, good quality, and quantity.

This makes Toyota Agya reliable in any condition. Toyota is committed to providing updates to this classy LCGC car. As you know, the Toyota Agya is the best-selling vehicle in Indonesia. This car can be sold quickly because of its low price.

Toyota Agya is not only the best-selling car, but also the car of choice for families in Indonesia. This car has two engine variations, namely 3 cylinder 1.0 liter and 4 cylinder 1.2 liter. There are two options that you can choose when you want to buy a Toyota Agya, namely Matic and Manual.

This cheap car has a very small body and can accommodate up to 5 passengers. This has made the Toyota Agya a city car suitable for use in urban areas. Although the design is small, this car is quite powerful.

Because Toyota Agya has used a 3-cylinder DOHC engine with 12 valves and for output it can reach a maximum of 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 3600 rpm. this will not compete with several similar cars in its class.

Complete specifications of Toyota Agya

Toyota Agya is very popular with Indonesian consumers not only because of its low price. in the middle of competition with other city cars such as the Honda Brio. managed to encourage Toyota Agya to offer low prices. so that Toyota quickly became successful in Indonesia.

Toyota Agya is specially designed and produced directly in our country. so you really like using a car made in Indonesia, but with Japanese car standards. talks about the exterior and interior of Toyota Agya.

Could seem in no way a reflection of the cheap price. where in our opinion, Toyota Agya is the best in its class. but this car has a small shape. considering a capacity of only five passengers, this car is not suitable for those of you who have many families.

The appearance has changed to be more modern and sporty

The striking change of this car is the completely different design of the front bumper. where the Toyota Agya design is similar to the Toyota Rush which uses a trapezoidal bumper. With this appearance, the Toyota Agya looks more sporty and modern.

In addition, the headlights use an LED projector. this changed significantly. while on the front grille, can not be separated from the new touch and it looks harmonious with the bumper shape. for the fog lamps, Toyota Agya features a vertical line that integrates with the front bumper.

The front bumper of the Toyota Agya is also equipped with red accents that accentuate it and it will definitely sound sporty. This car is also equipped with side skirts that match the front and rear bumpers. so it seems classy and modern.

So you don't have to replace the rear bumper, because it doesn't really matter. However, this car remains the same, which is still equipped with new L-shaped taillights. Especially for the TRD and 1.2G types, they are now much sharper, and have a changed mirror design.

Wheels appear newer and elegant

If you buy a Toyota Agya with the TDR type or the 1.2G type. here you will get new wheels with a design appearance similar to Toyota Calya wheels. These wheels have two colors and it will give it a modern look. The size of these wheels remains the same, namely the ring 17 and the 175/64-R14 tires.

The interior and dashboard are very modern

There are major changes that are very visible, namely in the dashboard. Toyota has overhauled the Agya dashboard by adding silver and piano black accents to make it more modern. There is also a head unit in the center of the dashboard that supports touch screens.

Digital AC has been implanted, but not equipped with AC digital climate control. in addition, Toyota also provides this car with a keyless entry feature and a start / stop button that makes it easy for you to start the engine with one press.

The function of the start or stop button and the touch screen head unit is only in the highest type, namely TRD. while there is an analog + digital instrument panel mounted on the rear wheel. The trunk of the Toyota Agya is quite spacious and you can still fold the second row seats for storage space if needed.

Engine performance

Toyota Agya has two engine options that you can find. The lowest type has 12 DOHC valves with a 1.0 liter engine and has a 3 cylinder line configuration which is incorporated using VVT-i technology. with a 998cc cube engine and 67PS output at 6,000rpm. while the torque can reach 9.1Kgm at 4,400rpm.

You could say the latest Toyota Agya is more efficient. for those of you who need powerful performance, you should buy a Toyota Agya 1.2 liter. because it uses a 4-cylinder engine type with 16 DOHC valves and dual VVT-i.

For the performance of the Toyota Agya 1.2 Liter, it is capable of producing an output of 88PS up to 6,000rpm and its peak torque can reach 11kgm to 4,200rpm. To optimize this car, an electronic injection combustion system has been added which makes fuel consumption more efficient.

Safety function

Toyota Agya is now more expensive than its competitors. because it is equipped with an ABS (Anti-Lock Breking System) braking system. as for the ability of dual SRS airbags to protect passengers in the event of an accident.

Toyota provides Isofix functionality in all types of Toyota Agya. However, you don't expect this car to have safety features such as hill start assist, traction control, and other safety features. because the price of this car is quite cheap, so there is no such feature.

The legs are very sturdy

Every renovation or update, surely not all parts have to be changed. on the legs, the Toyota Agya remains the same, except for the engine. where still use the front suspension type McPherson strut and coil springs. for rear suspension fixed with semi-independent with axle beam and coil spring.

The sound of this car is very comfortable, plus the ventilated disc brakes with a diameter of 13 inches on the front and rear drum brakes. the steering system is also quite good, because it is equipped with rack and pinion and electric power steering.

Latest Toyota Agya Color Choices

There are seven color choices for you when you want to buy a Toyota Agya. including red, metallic orange, yellow, white, metallic silver, metallic gray, and black. In particular, the Toyota Agya TRD type has red accents on the bumper and side skirts. Also distinctive TRD stamps affixed to the side of the mirror.

Toyota until now continues to sell this car at affordable prices. Not exaggerating the price of the Toyota Agya with the previous generation. For the 1.0 liter Toyota Agya variation the price is Rp. 144 million. the highest variant of the Toyota Agya can reach Rp. 170 million.

For those of you who want to drive with a Toyota Agya before buying it. You can use medan rent car services first beforehand. The newest unit from Toyota Agya already exists and you can use it now with the best price offering, of course.


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Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
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