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Toyota Alphard

Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive

Owning a family car is the desire of every Indonesian family. In our beloved country, there are lots of very expensive family cars with sporty and luxurious designs. Maybe a lot of friends already know about the Toyota car factory in Japan. Toyota is a car / automotive product that produces high quality cars.

Toyota has produced several MPV or family type cars, one of which has a feature in the upper middle class is the Toyota Alphard. this car was made in 2002. now it has undergone major changes and has more sophisticated features than its predecessor. This large capacity car is in the same class as a family car and can accommodate 7 or 8 people.

This premium MPV type car has the comfort and luxury that pampers its owner. From the outside, the Toyota Alphard has a very luxurious and intense design, especially the sliding doors which look luxurious and the spacious interior provides comfort for you. Not only that, the Toyota Alphard also offers several new, more sophisticated features.

This car is a premium car, so maybe you want this middle class family car. but the cheapest price for the Toyota Alphard starts at 775 million. the highest price of the Toyota Alphard can reach more than 1 billion. This high Toyota Alphard price, of course, is equipped with the best and latest innovations.

Toyota Alphard specifications

Before going deeper into the specifications in the Toyota Alphard car. You have to realize that now in Medan there is a Toyota Alphard rental car that you can find. this will provide a new, exciting experience. especially when you can't buy it in person yet. considering the new selling price offered is quite high.

By using a Toyota Alphard rental car. You can enjoy a comfortable and pleasant trip. it doesn't even just give you new experiences. but your family can also have an exciting experience with a Toyota Alphard. in the following, we try to inform you about the specifications of the Toyota Alphard below.

Premium class Toyota Alphard design

Toyota Alphard is included in the premium MPV type. this car has a very luxurious appearance. especially when viewed from the front. because it is equipped with a chrome V-Sahpe-shaped grille. this makes the display very bright and has a large headlight.

When talking about bumper and fog lamp designs. The appearance of the Toyota Alphard looks more luxurious and very aerodynamic for an MPV type car. From the side, you will see a door with a slider or sliding design.

With this system, you can easily open it with just a swipe. so it looks more luxurious. although the rear of the Toyota Alphard has a very simple design. but presents a luxurious impression. There is a stop lamp at the back which is quite large. so it is easily seen by other drivers.

Next let's move on to the interior of the Toyota Alphard. This car has a luxurious appearance, so the interior inside looks so luxurious. by having a large size that can accommodate as many as seven passengers. You can adjust the seating according to your wishes.

There is a place to pop bottles and other items. The AC functionality is installed in this car with seats that can be adjusted according to the wishes of each passenger. this isn't the only way to get rid of boredom along the way.

But the Toyota Alphard also provides other entertainment features. among them there is an audio feature with an LCD on the front. Another feature is the rack-and-pinion type steering system with EPC. This helps the driver to drive better. The comfort that this car offers really pampers you as a driver. plus there is a sun roof at the top that provides comfort to all passengers.

Toyota Alphard dimensions

After you listen to the exterior and interior of the Toyota Alphard. You can find out the dimensions of this premium class car. The Toyota Alphard is 4915 mm long by 1850 mm wide and 1895 mm high.

As for the front and rear distances of 1575 mm and 1570 mm. the wheelbase is around 3,000 mm and the minimum distance to the ground is 160 mm. If you look at it, the dimensions of the Toyota Alphard car are very suitable for an MPV class car that accommodates up to seven passengers

The legs and suspension systems are used

Every car manufactured by Toyota has a tested and quality suspension system. which can support the weight of the car and dampen vibrations properly. Toyota Alphard itself is equipped with a McPerson strut with a torsion bar type suspension system at the rear of the double wishbone with a torsion bar. the development of the suspension system is believed by Toyota to be the best.

With a sturdy engine performance and dimensions. Toyota also uses the best foot system for Alphard. This car is also equipped with a good braking system and can stop the car easily. because it is equipped with ventilated discs for the front brakes and rear brakes. This braking system is quite good, because it is wrapped in tires with tire sizes of 265 / 65R1.

The engine and power produced by the Toyota Alphard

Furthermore, the engine and power of this car comes with the 2GR-FE V 6-cylinder engine series with 24 valves and already uses the DOHC system. coupled with dual VVT-i, CChain Crive, and 3456 cylinder capacity. The maximum can reach 6200 rpm to 275 PS but the torque can reach 34.7 Kgm at 4700 rpm and the rare diameter x 94.0 x 83.0 mm.

This performance is assisted by the EFI fuel system. so this car is fuel efficient. because the fuel supply system can make fuel efficient use. To be sure, the price of the Toyota Alphard is very expensive for a premium class car.

This price is still quite comparable with advanced features. because it has an engine with a tough and agile performance. where the Toyota Alphard is a premium MPV car that is on par with other luxury cars.

Toyota Alphard safety and security system

Of course, all types of cars already have a safety and security system. This system is very useful if at any time an accident that is not expected by the driver. Toyota Alphard itself has been equipped with a dual front SRS airbag feature which can reduce injuries in the event of an impact.

Apart from embedding these features. The Toyota Alphard also has a very good additional braking system that works well. including using the EBD, ABS, BA VSC and TRC systems. This is very capable of optimizing braking and preventing locking of the wheels when sudden braking occurs.

See a review of the Toyota Alphard specifications. You must be able to describe the comfort you will feel when using it. medan rent car services can be the best solution. where you can enjoy a pleasant holiday trip with your family.


Harga Toyota Alphard

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Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
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