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Toyota Fortuner

Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive

Toyota is a world car manufacturer that has achieved many successes and awards in the automotive sector. Toyota also sells its products throughout the country, including Indonesia. Indonesia is the main supplier of products from the Japanese manufacturer.

To try this vehicle quickly. You can do this by means of a Toyota Fotuner Medan Car Rental. the rental price offered is quite affordable. with good and friendly service. You can enjoy this vehicle before trying it out to buy later.

The presence of this Toyota SUV is able to attract the attention of domestic car users. With a touch of dashing design, this car has succeeded in making this car more aggressive and tough. besides that the Toyota Fotuner also presents luxurious and sophisticated interior and exterior to this car.

For the price of the Toyota Fotuner, between 400 million and 500 million with the world's best specifications. In Indonesia alone, this vehicle has become a new idol for SUV lovers. comes with a powerful engine performance with a large cc engine. it can exert great power and accelerates quickly.

Apart from being present with a powerful engine and good acceleration, the Toyota Fotuner is also environmentally friendly and very economical. This was evidenced by the award announced by the Ministry of Environment at the Blue Sky Public Expose event in December 2011.

Where has stated that the Toyota Fotuner has low emissions and very high fuel efficiency. comes with an elegant exterior and interior, making this vehicle popular in the domestic market. both for gasoline and diesel types.

Specifications for the latest Toyota Fotuner 2021

Power generated

This car that has many advantages comes with a different car engine. in the Toyota Fortuner series the Type 2.7V and Type 2.5G look different. For the 2.7V type, use the 4 IL, 16 valve, DOHC engine type 2TR-FE series. VVT-i.

While the Toyota Fotuner 2.5 G type uses an engine equipped with a series 2 KD FTV VN turbo intercooler and engine type 4 IL, 16 valve, DOHC, VN turbo intercooler. Both these engines have 2,694 cc (2.7 V type) and 2,494 cylinders. cc (2.5G type).

EFI (electronic fuel injection) technology which uses gasoline / diesel fuel is installed as the fuel supply system for the Toyota Fortuner car engine. In addition, the Toyota Fotuner has a pawn diameter and stroke of 95.0 mm x 95.0 mm (Type 2.7 V).

Whereas in (Type 2.5 G) 92.0 mm and 93.8 mm. this can generate maximum power. for the maximum torque that can be achieved 160.4 PS / 5,200 rpm is 24.6 kgm / 3,800 rpm for the 2.7 V type. With the maximum output of the 2.5G type is 144PS.

For engine speed of 3,400 rpm, maximum torque of 35 kgm, and rotation speed of 1,600 rpm to 2,800 rpm. The Toyota Fortuner is equipped with two types of transmission systems, namely the ECT / 4 speed automatic type (2.7V type) and the ECT 5-speed M / T type (2.5G type).

So it can be easier to reach high speeds. Judging from the specifications of the Toyota Fortuner engine used. no wonder you have to see the price offered by the Toyota Fortuner above Rp. 400 million in Indonesia.

The design and dimensions are more elegant, classy

Toyota will now introduce two types of Toyota Fortuner cars. including the Toyota Fortuner 2.7V and Toyota Fortuner 2.5G as we mentioned earlier. These two types are priced at different prices. because each variation of the type of car has advantages and disadvantages.

The Toyota Fortuner not only has an aggressive, powerful and tough design. but also pinning the advantages of an elegant and classy interior and exterior. The price of the Toyota Fortuner varies depending on the type issued.

However, it has nothing to do with this elegant design car. where the vehicle is 4,705 mm long, 1,840 mm wide, and 1,850 mm high. in addition to using 265/65 R17 tires. so when you drive it will get a more maco impression.

In addition, the Toyota Fortuner uses the new 17-inch TRD Sportivo type wheels. This is perfect for those of you who like to explore steep roads. because this car is ready to handle all terrain and road conditions.

When you look from the front, this car is ready to spoil you with a very unique car stamp like a NASCAR racing car. In addition, the front of the Toyota Fortuner has a pair of headlights with LED lamps that are ready to emit bright lights.

In addition, the headlights of this car have also been enhanced with a fog lamp on the front of the bumper.

Security system

The security and safety features of the Toyota Fortuner are very complete. So the price of this car can be very high. but you will feel the best security features that are ready to pamper you. For this reason, all types of Toyota Fortuner are now equipped with ABS and EBD braking systems.

So it can be maximized in braking and prevent accidents. on the other hand, the Toyota Fortuner offers international standard ISOFIX functionality and dual SRS Airbags.

This will be felt in this medium sized SUV and will help you prevent injury during an accident. Second, the Toyota Fortuner 4x4 VRz is now equipped with Hill Assiste Control (HAC) technology for maximum driving safety.

These two Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) features can increase stability when passing through the road. besides that, the Toyota Fortuner also has more features and you can enjoy it when you rent a Toyota Fortuner Medan car or buy it.

Good suspension system and tough legs

In the suspension system used by the Toyota Fortuner, all have been equipped with a double wishbone type with coil springs and stabilizers. both on the front and back. The Toyota Fortuner now relies on the 4-link type with lateral and coil spring suspension.

This suspension will obviously work well and be able to dampen the vibrations that occur when you are on a bumpy road. not only that, this suspension is also supported by a sturdy and tough frame. so that it can withstand heavy loads.

Toyota also offers a braking system with ABS technology to stop the car's speed when accelerating. so it will be much higher and will be more powerful. In addition, by using 16-inch type ventilated disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear.

It has been installed with ABS technology, so the braking of the Toyota Fortuner works well. As you read above. The Toyota Fortuner is now priced from 440 million to 550 million. but specifically for the Toyota Fortuner Type 2.4 VRZ 4x4 A / T. You have to order it in advance.

The news circulating this type can reach 600 million. Even though it is more expensive, it certainly offers luxury and sophistication. This can be seen in the SUV body which is very handsome and sporty. Use the medan rent car car rental service if you want to try driving before buying a Toyota Fortuner.


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Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
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