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Toyota Hiace

Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive

Toyota presents a mini bus vehicle with tough and attractive specifications. where there are advanced features that are ready to make your trip much more comfortable and safer. With the Toyota Hiace, you can carry up to 12 people at once. so it is very appropriate to be used as a family car to travel outside the city.

Toyota Hiace has the best design with the minibus concept. it can be needed to support all your activities in it. because if you look at the features that exist. all the functionalities that are implanted are very reliable. As a vehicle in the commercial class, Toyota Hiace looks perfect by presenting a more modern exterior and interior.

This car manufacturer from Toyota tries to prioritize safety and comfort. both for drivers and passengers when traveling. In terms of business, Toyota Hiace is very superior. because it is able to provide a sense of comfort, especially in meeting customer needs. especially when used as a Toyota Hiace Medan rental vehicle.

Latest Toyota Hiace 2021 specifications

For those of you who want to enjoy traveling with your family using a Toyota Hiace car. definitely want to know in advance some of the features and specifications in it. because it can provide good information. where will help you to know the whole design, exterior, interior, engine and more. here we share here for you the information.

Dimension size

If you look at the form of the Toyota Hiace 2021 design, this car has a new design touch that is different from its predecessor generation. It comes with a more advanced front bumper size. this all makes a huge difference. if you look at it, the Toyota Hiace is quite different when viewed from the front hood.

In its dimensions, the Toyota Hiace is 1,950 mm wide, 5,915 mm long and 2,280 mm high. Toyota has successfully applied these dimensions to produce a car that looks bigger than before. No wonder this car can accommodate a capacity of up to 12 people.

Delivers bigger dimensions and is slimmer. plus a chrome bandage on the front. so that the front view of the Toyota Hiace is more proportional. if you look at this change seems to give a very good view. Toyota Hiace has been considered by some to be a clone of the Toyota Alphad, but has a smaller design.


If you look from the interior, Toyota Hiace presents some of the best materials and a more spacious / spacious space. Many new features are embedded in the front. this has given it a plus as the best minivan. even has provided comfort for the rear passenger. which has maximized the large space.

It features the perfect instrument panel from Toyota Hiace. it is more informative with the combination of telescopic features and tilt steering. where you can adjust the steering wheel so that it remains comfortable when used in long and near trips. The Retractable and Supplemental Mirror features can make you more comfortable while driving.

These features allow you to broaden your perspective while driving. in the wheelhouse there is a console tray that has a dynamic and spacious design to place your important items. when you look up, you can also find an overhead console which is easily accessible. this can be used for overhead storage space.

because in terms of size it is quite large and wide. so your journey can be very comfortable with Toyota Hiace.


The corners of the front grille that are displayed from Toyota Hiace are already wrapped using a chrome touch. so it will give the impression of being elegant and more solid. You can see that the mirror has a bigger size and the door handle is made with a modern design. in the car door, Toyota Hiace uses a sliding door system. this will make it easier for passengers to enter and exit.

At the rear, Toyota Hiace has a large stop lamp with the turn signal mounted vertically. On the other side of the exterior, the Toyota Hiace is equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels combined with 235 / 65R16C tires and has a sporty design. This will all be able to withstand the weight of the Toyota Hiace which is quite heavy.

Engine performance

The most significant change is the engine. where Toyota Hiace is now using a 2.5L diesel engine, in-line 4 with a 16-valve DOHC cylinder with a capacity of 2.775cc. there is an interesting thing, where Toyota compresses the machine at the top. This is not without reason, because it serves to protect the car against flooding and protect collisions in the event of an accident.

Although now appearing with a bonnet design. but in fact, this car is only added to the length of about 6 cm from its predecessor version. Toyota Hiace, which comes with a 2,775cc capacity engine, can now generate up to 150NM of power. with a 6-speed manual transmission, the resulting torque can reach 420 Nm.

The legs

In the current section of the Toyota Hiace has been equipped with a system of legs and frames which are more powerful for the large car class. where has pinned the McPherson strut type front suspension with a multi-link type rear suspension combination.

In the braking section, now the Toyota Hiace is equipped with ABS and EBD brakes. Front brake ventilated disc type and rear disc type standard brake. it will work very well as a combination braking car. Toyota Hiace is now also equipped with more proportional wheels. which has been equipped with type 235 / 65R16 for the front and rear.

Safety and security features

Being a premium mini bus vehicle, Toyota Hiace certainly has many functions. You can find it in the features section which is very comprehensive. obviously all of this you can count on. especially in terms of security, entertainment and safety features. no wonder Toyota Hiace users feel comfortable and safe. because of the large cabin space and perfect features, has become a plus.

In terms of safety and comfort, the Toyota HiAce has a 3-point seat belt with pretensioner and force limiter to maintain safety while driving. There is a dual SRS airbag feature with restraint system airbag technology. the goal is to minimize serious injuries resulting from violent collisions, for both passengers and drivers.

In addition, other features embedded in comfort and safety are the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and brake assist (BA). purpose when braking occurs, this can ensure maximum safety. so that when it does non-slip braking, it will remain stable. The Hill Start Assist (HSA) feature works really well. where can prevent the vehicle from rebounding when the road is up.

Finally, the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) feature aims to provide complete control during gear acceleration and sharp turns. This safety feature is very important in Toyota Hiace cars. this can be seen from the front and rear disc brakes attached to each wheel. This feature can increase the safety of driving comfortably and safely. test drive at Medan 88 Rent Car, feel the comfort of driving Toyota Hiace with  medan rent car services


Harga Toyota Hiace

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MinibusRp 1.500.000
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Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
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